Coach Rob Morgan

We understand the importance of your health and consider it a privilege when you decide to take the leap and invest your time and money into our escapes. Both Rob & Mark have the knowledge and experience needed to help you achieve your vision of success and this is backed up with a solid reputation from clients and peers alike.

About Rob...

Revival Co-Founder and Coach Rob Morgan embodies all the characteristics we value that are vital in a leading physical condition expert. He is armed with vast technical skill and in-depth knowledge and is able to convey this in a simple manner. He has a way of breaking down complicated subjects into easy to understand, real-world terms. While his own peak physical conditioning sets the standard for all of his clients, it’s his personable character and ability to communicate with a human touch that sets him apart.

Rob has helped hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goals. From working with professional athletes in world-renowned fitness facilities, to coaching global CEO’s and almost everyone in between, people regularly fly from all around the world to undertake his training programs. With a host of qualifications including Master Personal Trainer, Advanced Nutrition Adviser, NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner, he also holds certifications in S&C, MMA Conditioning, Kettlebell and Suspension Training.

There are no gimmicks to Rob’s approach. During almost 15 years working in the Military and Fitness Industry he has developed his ethos of structured yet uncomplicated training to stay in peak physical condition, regardless of environment or equipment at hand. He lives by the mantra “Keep It Simple” and this is reflected in his outlook on all areas of life.

Rob aims to create stronger, fitter, more confident people through familiarizing them with structured training routines, healthy eating and lifestyle habits and educating them on all areas of training, nutrition, mindset and recovery in order to maximize their results over a sustainable period.

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