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Frequently Asked Questions - Revival Escape


Is all food included?
Yes, we will provide all the healthy and nutritious food you need to ensure you are well fuelled throughout the day.
How do I get to and from the resort?
We offer an airport shuttle service for both your arrival and departure.
Can I share a room with a friend to reduce costs?
Yes, we offer shared twin rooms if you have a friend of family member you’d like to share your revival experience with.
Will there be any personalised sessions?
Yes, this escape is all about you! We will your provide you with an individual analysis and screening in order to help you focus on your own personal goals.
Do we have any free time to explore on our own?
Yes. There will be plenty of scheduled activities and excursions off site but if you wish to take some time to explore the island on your own at any point then you will be free to do so.
Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to attend?
No, Revival Escapes are suitable for all levels of physical fitness and we will adapt your training to suit your own individual abilities.
Do I have to take part in all scheduled activities?
While we have put a lot of thought into meticulously planning the schedule to give you the perfect balance of exercise, activity, education and rest, we understand that you may not wish to partake in all organised sessions. You have the freedom to participate in as many or as little as you like. Though we are pretty certain you won’t want to miss out on most of what we have planned!
Will there be any on-going support after the escape?
Yes, not only will we arm you with all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed during your escape, we will continue to support you on your journey long after the escape is over.

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