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How It Started...

Revival Escape is the Co-Creation of Mark Mariani and Rob Morgan


Mark and Rob are highly respected, well qualified, experienced coaches who have a shared passion for holistic health and wellness, and for improving the lives of others.

Both Mark and Rob served in the Military from a young age. Their current coaching philosophies are based upon the core values and standards of leadership, discipline and determination established during their service.

They are committed to coaching with excellence, and to inspiring and educating others in ways that produce lasting change.

The two coaches met in Phuket in 2013. They have coached and worked at some of the largest training facilities in South East Asia. Both have spent years in the trenches – coaching, learning and gaining experience working with thousands of people from all over the world, from complete beginners to professional athletes.

Meet Your Coaches

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Beliefs & Values

Both Mark and Rob firmly believe in the importance of service and in giving back to the local communities, as exemplified in their charity work with underprivileged children in South East Asia.

Their unique experiences, highly energetic communication styles and uncompromising commitment to developing successful coaching programs are foundational to their success.

Having seen first hand what is missing with current fitness retreats and escapes, they have developed an alternative that not only offers you an amazing fitness experience in paradise, but also arms you with the education that you need to create new habits and sustainable change.

Mark and Rob have dedicated themselves to ensuring excellence in every element of Revival Escape and would be honored to share this amazing experience with you.

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